Average Temperatures in the United States of America can vary greatly depending on a wide number of factors. Some places have warm and humid summers, bloggen while other areas struggle through colder winters. The humidity can actually be a good thing because it absorbs moisture from the air which then evaporates. This makes for dry air and high humidity, which will feel uncomfortable to the skin on the inside as well as the outside. Although temperatures across the country tend to stay about 7 degrees warmer or colder for many of the months, there are certain states that see more extreme differences in temperature between months. bloggen

One of the most heavily populated states in the country is Nevada, which has an average temperature of ninety-three degrees during the winter and eighty-one degrees during the summer. Arizona, nyheter a state that is thought to have one of the cleanest and most hospitable climates in the nation also has an average temperature of ninety-seven degrees during the winter and eighty-one during the summer. Maine is also another state that have some extremes with temperatures across the board, but they are not where the high humidity is found in the summer. West Virginia, which ranks forty-second out of fifty states in the country for its extreme weather, bloggen sees only seventy-two degrees during the winter and eighty-two during the summer.

While average Temperatures in the United States of America can vary significantly by region, state, or city, they can also vary dramatically by day of the week. Sunday is the coldest of days across the board, with a daily average of only sixty-three degrees, while Friday sees temperatures in the mid-seventies, with the afternoon and early evening temperatures dipping into the single digits. Because of these drastic swings by day of the week, bloggen there are few areas of the United States that remain consistently temperate all year long.