Folks are pretty concerned these days with all the additives in their food, much of it is fairly bad for them, but not all. In pure biological terms the human bio-system is really not set up for lots of processed food and all the foreign additives that we throw into our bodies. Currently, BioBoosters China is under scrutiny as folks are upset with Melamine and other additives. Some consumer group members say;


I do not trust anything coming from China, ever since their protein poisons, that ended up as fish food, poultry food and livestock food. That, plus the toothpaste BS, as far as I am concerned we should have done what we would normally do with any country like that. Ban all personal hygiene, skolioza food and supplement products permanently until they could prove to us otherwise, with a mandatory 2-year ban.”


Wow, those are practically fighting words and if you consider that China is one of our most important trading partners, well we all ought to be concerned about this war of words and food. The FDA has set up an office in China, and it was a big deal PR wise, but so far there is only one office with 5 people in it. Critics call this ridiculous and ask the dubious question; Miami Furniture Outlet Store Nearby Me

Can you even imagine the amount of stuff that comes here from there?” and they further inquire; “What about the stuff that goes to Mexico and is repacked and sent here for Dollar Store distribution, etc. Not cool.”


Many politicians are chiming in with their thewhippetcoats consumer rights advocate constituents as well stating at podiums across the country and in Congress such things as: “Just because China is a preferred trading partner (due to the paper the buy from our treasury), does not entitle them to poison the American People. It is the job of the US Government to protect the people not allow them to be poisoned and I promise if you re-elect me, I will. . .”

Other nations are also upset at the arbitrary import rules and lax regulations on China. They want to know why we block fruit from Brazil, make money online some of the best fruit in the world to prop up Floridian Growers, and then allow China to import poisons? Well, you can bet we have not heard the last of this issue.