Gatling Gears is an exciting shooter that everyone will enjoy, from kindergarten kids to 59 yr old gamers. You pilot your ship through a mayhem of enemies and the shooting never stops. Bullets are flying everywhere and you have to try hard not to get hit. Enemy units will be swarming around you and your little ship is all that stands in the way of them destroying Mistbound, shooterammunition a world you swore to protect.

Vanguard Games designed this awesome game and done a pretty good job. You play a character called Max Brawley. In the co-op mode, his niece is his team mate and together they form a terrible duo. A hostile empire wants to annihilate Mistbound and they are depending on you to stop the evil invaders. You will use a dual stick to combat the enemy.

The left stick controls the gears and the right one fires your gun. The triggers on the left and right can fire a grenade launcher or a missile at a long range target. You will need long range weapons more often than you may think necessary. The ammunition will be replenished after you fire. The controls are not smooth and you will find it a bit awkward to use. They may not respond instantly and you’ll be praying each time you use them. luq

This becomes a real problem when you’re in the thick of it and your weapons aren’t exactly behaving. Fortunately, the game isn’t all that difficult to play. It may be a little hard but you are bound to finish the game in about 5 hours or so.

You collect money and use it to upgrade your weapons. There are plenty of gold bars to collect and by the end of the game you will have so much money, you won’t know what to do with it. At least you won’t be short of weapons with all that cash on hand.

The graphics are beautiful. Vanguard Games done an excellent job in the graphics department and the beautiful scenes will have you marvel at each level. This will encourage you to continue to the next level and the next and so on. You will cross deserts, forests, marshlands and many other terrains, each more exciting than the last and all of them have such marvelous scenery you will feel a kind of regret when you finish that level. More info please visit

You can always change the difficulty level if you find the game too easy. If you re-play the game several times it will be more challenging to play on a higher difficulty level to enhance your experience.

All the characters have special attacks they can use and this adds another twist to the game. The music is lovely and blends in with the scenery and the action taking place. Whether you are fighting or simply cruising along, the music will put you in the mood of being in a faraway land of make belief and you won’t want to return in a hurry.