What’s the big deal with men and woman’s feet? I’m wondering this as I leave from meeting with a new male friend as I walk to my car. During our get to know each other round of questions he asked me how my feet looked? I laughed at him… until I realized that he was serious. Instantly, meetyou I was glad that my toes were done. But now his question has me thinking, what is it that men really look at when they first meet a woman?

Your Feet

When he asked me Ciberseguridad en Colombia how my feet looked I instantly thought he was into something kinky like those shows on TV with men who date you but are really dating your feet. How do you know if he doesn’t fall into that crazy category?

The saving grace is that most Maui waterfalls men are not crazy but the reason they’re curious about your feet is because they know that if a woman takes the time to keep that part of her body up she’s more likely to take care of herself.

Now if your in the mood for laughs or if your date has really tanked and you never want to go out with him again. Tell him something crazy like your feet have a tendency to swell and then watch his reaction. viproza

Your Hair

We have all heard that most men tend to hold on to a woman’s hair longer than she does. And that they like it long and straight and if you have a weave it needs to look real and if you wear it super short you need to look like Halle Berry and so forth. What’s a natural kinky curly, haired girl to do? Be yourself. He’ll meet you’re hair way before he meets you but that’s not a bad thing. The great thing about natural hair (which is non relaxed hair) is that you have so many options to be versatile. If you have the opportunity to go out with him again, switch it up. He’ll end up loving you’re hair in no time.

You’re Body

When a man meets you for the first time, he’s really meeting you’re body regardless of how intelligent and wonderful you’re inner being is. With that being said, juoksuhirmu If a man takes the time to keep his body in shape, he wants his lady to do the same. If you’re already there, kudos. But I personally know of no woman who doesn’t have some sort of gripe with her body or a body part. You may not fall into the category of his type yet but if he takes the time to ask what you’re doing to keep yourself in shape, it could be a sign that he’s interested and willing to see where things could lead.

Men are visual creatures. When they meet you they are truly meeting you – from head to toe. You’ll never know what a particular gentleman thinks about you until you ask him. In the mean time, these three things can help you get over those pre-date jitters. Have fun!